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 Romanian Spotters Forum Regulations

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MesajSubiect: Romanian Spotters Forum Regulations   Romanian Spotters Forum Regulations EmptyLun 04 Ian 2010, 22:41

Romanian Spotters Forum Regulations

1. Requirements for becoming a member
1.1 In order to become a member you must register for free. By registering you are automatically confirming to have read and to abide by the present rules.
1.2 One single person shall only register and use one account.
1.3 Your profile should preferably include your location and date of birth.
1.4 Your signature shall not contain any commercial or political phrases, images or web links.
1.5 It shall not be in any way offending or vulgar and shall not promote racism or any other illegal activities.
1.6 We reserve all rights to request members to modify or delete their signature at any given time and for any given reason.
1.7 Registering of a second account by a member in an attempt to avoid the sanctions received by the first is forbidden (refer to 1.2). The sanctions will also apply to the second account which can finally be banned from the forums, if the second user continues to breach the regulations.

2. Rules concerning posting on the forums
2.1. All posts must be written in Romanian or English and should obey basic grammar and spelling rules. Repetitive breaking of basic grammar and spelling may lead to a temporary or unlimited forum usage ban for the offending member. In cases where this becomes irritating to fellow members, an unlimited ban will be considered. All posts MAY NOT contain any of the following:
a. Abuses of the available message formatting (capital letters, bold, underline, colours, smileys, etc.)
b. Instant Messaging-like replies and abbreviations such as “lol”, “brb”, “cool”, etc. Messages may not be posted just for the sake of replying and must contain at least one coherent and valid point on the subject.
c. Insulting comments addressed to fellow members who may not be as knowledgeable, even though the discussion topic seems a straightforward one.
d. Personal attacks, insults and abuse towards fellow members, usage of obscene or threatening language, curses and indecent vocabulary, or generally an inappropriate or offending behaviour. An acceptable behaviour implies the rebuttal of points expressed previously, and not of the person emitting them.
e. Files that contain viruses, spyware, illegally obtained commercial software, cracks or any other illegal or potentially dangerous attachemts.
f. Conversations on topics against Romanian law (including but not limited to information that may be considered false, vile, slanderous, racist, unflattering – including sarcastic remarks, – discriminatory on sexual orientation grounds or any other information considered illegal on the Romanian territory) or which encourage breaking Romanian law.

2.2. The author of a message is entirely responsible for the full content of his/her message. This responsibility also extends to any quotes, external (web addresses) or internal (previous messages) links, which the author may or may not agree with. As such, when any external elements that break the forum regulations are duplicated here, the author will be held accountable.

2.3. In case a member notices that a previous message breaks the forum regulations, he/she must report it to the moderators or administrators. He/she must not argue in public on the subject or quote the offending part – see 2.2.

2.4. Messages only relevant to only one other person are forbidden (such as a one-to-one dialogue).

2.5. All messages must be on-topic.

2.6. Posting the same message in different threads or multiple times in the same topic is not allowed.

2.7. New threads must have an appropriate title informing the readers on its content and goal. Thread titles such as “Help”, “Advice”, “Question” are not allowed.

2.8. Every new post must make a positive contribution to the topic or make reference to a previous message. Empty, irrelevant and worthless messages will be deleted.

2.9. A new thread can only be opened when no other thread on the same topic exists or when these have been locked. To avoid opening duplicate threads, use the search tool first.

2.10. Messages that include personal attacks directed towards any entities, persons or organisations without presenting proper proof of the accusations will be deleted with no prior notice.

2.11. From the moment a message is posted, it becomes the intellectual property of Romanian Spotters. However, the copyright and liability for the content are entirely in the hands of the respective authors. The administrators of the forum will do their utmost to ensure of the accuracy of published information, however Romanian Spotters may not be held liable for any laws broken or inconveniences created by the forum members, especially considering the ‘real-time’ nature of the discussion.

3. Publishing images
3.1 Images posted must belong to the poster in question.
3.2 Images or photos carrying a copyright shall not be copied over from other websites. Instead, you may post a link to this material.
3.3 Photograph extensions allowed are .gif, .jpeg or .jpg at a size of 1024x... pixels (or ...x1024 for portrait framing) with the aspect ratio of 3/2 or 4/3. Pictures exceeding this size shall be posted as thumbnails. For most of the photos we will not accept photos smaller than 1024x... px.
3.4 All pictures shall only be posted in one single message, not divided into several consecutive messages.
3.5 Accepted watermarks are:  www . rospotters . ro, Romanian Spotters or the name/nickname of the photographer. Photos that carry other type of watermark will be deleted without prior notice.

4. Members in relation to the moderators
4.1 The moderators can supervene at any time when the regulations have been breached. They will give an explanation of their actions by quoting the rules.
4.2 Moderators must have a tolerant, objective and impartial attitude towards all members and will try to help them as much as possible.
4.3 They can move, delete or modify any message which does not abide by the forum regulations.
4.4 They can close down a topic when it has reached too great a number of pages, when the reason which it has been started for does not follow the regulations or when the subsequent posters have breached the rules several times.
4.5 They will warn publicly or by private messaging members which have breached the regulations. In case a member openly breaches the rules upon intention, the moderators will not wait for the second infringement and will act against this member, restricting his/her access to the forums, or even banning it.
4.6 Arguing with the moderators or discussing their decisions on the forums is forbidden. If a member considers the moderator has misinterpreted the forum regulations, he/she may contact the administrators by e-mail or by a private message.

Thank you for your understanding.
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Romanian Spotters Forum Regulations
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